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Frequently Asked Questions

You can send us an email on along with the design images or rough sketches , dimensions details like ring size, pendant size in mm etc and diamond/stone size/count if any. We will acknowledge the email as soon as it is received. We will respond if we have any queries.

Usually any ring, pendant and earring are completed in 2 to 3 days time once we have all the details. If the design has surface modelling e.g human face, animal figures we will specify the turn around time based on the design complexity. If the quantity of the models are more than 25 models, then the models will be submitted batch wise in stages. However, we will strive to achieve the fastest turnaround time.

Once you receive the cad images, you can email us the changes if any. The changes can include design alteration, diamond size/count changes, ring size changes etc. When the model is changed based on your inputs, we will email you the cad images and 3dm file.

For rendering, we would prefer 3dm CAD files Although, we also work with JCAD file format.

Our basic deliverables for image visualisation include a minimum of 4 standard views. (Front, Top, Right, Perspective and customised views).

We provide you the cad images with dimension along with 3D Model in 3dm format. After the model is approved you will also have the stl file which can be used for 3D Printing. We also provide the rendered images of the jewelry model for your use.

PayPal, International Wire Transfer. Wester Union etc.

Yes We Accept Your Jewelry CAD.

We have only 3 categories of models – Simple, Complex and Surface Modelling. Simple models are fairly simple like solitaire rings, simple pendants etc. Majority of the models can be categorized under complex models if they are not simple. If the models are extremely complex which can custom designed lifestyle products, freeform models etc, those will be categorized under Surface Modelling.
Simple – 12
Complex – 49$
Surface modelling – Quote based on the design complexity.

Of course, the models we submit can be directly printed on any 3D Printer. Of course support generation for a specific 3D Printer is beyond the scope of our services. We may provide a single shell model suitable for direct printing using Solidscape Printers.